I took of on the motor, normal in jeans, a t-shirt. The argument when you fall down you have big problems.
Don't fall down, a motor is made for driving on the wheels.
I always use a sun-class bugs seems tool like my eyes.
Slow-driving isn't my thing, but driving with respect. if there is another human or animal on the road, I show always respect.
Here on the eland is no mush people, no traffic-jam. there aren't even lights.
The sun comes early and go down late in the evening.
The misses send me for some groceries, the motor needed some juice.
At the shop where a few yong guys messing around with a handicap person. Please guys, don't do that, I asked politely.
Fuck off man, mind your own business, or you want problems, was the reaction off the yong ones.
No, I don't want problems, like this man, it's a beautiful day. You look too tough to sing a song, so be too tough for messing around.
Not sure what to do, they took off.
I didn't want a thank you, it's all about respect.
After doing the groceries (talk about problems, come home without the groceries  lol.) I went to the petrol-station and filled her up.
Some other folks was there. We joked around.
Big man, you try that with some-one of your own size :)
Yeh-well, I'm almost 50 and never meet him, you're granddaddy aren't you?
We drank our drinks, joked a little more and went on our ways. 
Home I said first the dogs hello and than her.
She grabbed my neck, you have all the groceries?!
Yes mum, I reply and wicked my ass like the dogs.
"good boy" and stroke her hand through my her.
Sit, than I will fetch you a drink.
Can I first go to the toilet, or should I lift up me leg:)
She just smiled, showed her teeth and groaned.
Right, toilet.
We sat together on the terrace in the garden, with the drinks, cheese, some peanuts and fruits on the table.
In the background the sound of the the whispering trees and waves.
She turned her back to me and leans against me.
I put one leg to the other side of her, holding my drinks in one hand and in the other peanuts.
What do I feel under my bottom, she asked.
How do I know? Here look, in this hand my glass and in the other were the peanuts who are now in my mouth. So if you reach for the cheese, I'll look.
A ball from the dogs, disappointed? :)
She planted her elbow in my kidney. 
We relaxed for one hour or so. Apparently it was time to feed the animals, the cats jumped over us, the dogs pushed with there nose.
The animals in the infirmary had care.
When this was done we started our diner.
A massif peace of marble was like a workplace for make food, above that was a horizontal placed barrel, what was open so it cached rainwater.
This wasn't enough, but all bits are helpful.
Prepare dinner was as much her job as it was mine, like everything from housecleaning till take care of the animals, repair something, or administration.
  Problems we solved without fist blaming the other.
I went every evening to the beach with the dogs, sometimes the cats followed to. But mostly they waited by the entrance, of they sad with the misses who enjoy reading and candle-ligths.
When I came back, I checked everything, see that everyone had water an was as comfortable as possible. Sat-down for a little while, took a shower and went to bed.
The smell of the dying candle was the sign she came to bed.