Around eight a clock.

Good morning sunshine.
My finger stroke her hair from her eyes.
Our bedroom was a no more than a sealing. two site had a wall, the other sides had a kind of fends.
A stairs and some kind of alleviator.
This alleviator had no electricity, depending of the weight you needed a contra-weight.
To go down you had to take 5 kg with you and to go up you had to put 5 kg on the contra-weigth. Maybe had have to make this in the future with water.

With a glass of fresh juice I was standing outside.
Both dogs were coming say hello and of cause something to eat.
I changed my shorts and went to the beach. Through the garden open the gate I started to run. The two german shepherds followed.
After a 15 minutes run I practice some kind of kungfu / aikido.
A few kata's and than, it was dog-time.
I take position and the dogs attic me, well they try. At the end they look at each other like they said, he's not normal.

I took a dive into the sea, swim a little.
The dogs took off, in the distance she was jogging to. Her long hair, her width shoulders.
I was the luckiest man of the world!
When she was near I yelled; "bring coffee?"
With a big smile she always showed me the finger and dived into the sea. We swimmer for 15 minutes or so.
The dogs where playing on the beach, when I splashed water one of them was trying to catches the water.
Now who's crazy

Later we sat on the beach, her wet hair against my shoulder. Just enjoying the view. How about that coffee?
We jogged back home and took a shower.
The shower was outside surrounded by trees, shrub planted in a cycle where you couldn't see thru.
The water was warmed by the sun.
A quick shower of course, there was a limit of time for warm water. Just to take away the salt and sand.
breakfast was a lot of fruits, cocos, and shake.
The kitchen was a long curve peace of wood with marble on top of it.
Electricity was generated by solar panels and wind.

In the garden I had a place for repairing, mostly surfboard and sails.
I was careful that nothing ended up in nature,
Respect for nature, that is a big issue for us.

There was no telephone.
Communication thru email or Skype.
I'm not a people lover. People like mostly be competitive. I'm better than you. If so, than help me. But don't say if, than…
After breakfast I checked mails, the weatherforcast.
We looked everyday for insured animals, when we could help we cared for them.
If not, we maked sure that they suffered the least, even the bad ones.
No chemicals against mosquitos. Like humans, all animals have somethings they don't like.

Late in the evening we looked at the biggest scream of the universe.
Never a replay, the stars were never the same.
There was always company, dogs, cats and there was always cleaning going on, mostly by the birth's